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Mantu Interior Architects Design

The QUBE Hotel Shanghai North Hongqiao by Mantu Interior Architects Design

Mantu Interior Architects Design have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms – Asia Pacific Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021

Jiangqiao is an intersection of sea and land transport in the Chinese history. The hotel takes “Jiangqiao memory” as the thematic concept, and integrates the unique Jiangqiao cultural charm with the modern fashion art, to give customers an unprecedented experience. “Bridge” is the main conceptual clue of the hotel lobby. The bridge-structured columns, large scale empty space, and water texture changes reflected from the ground to simulate the water surface, have fully embodied the prosperous life culture scene of Jiangqiao in the ancient times.

The high corridor of the lobby is designed from the inspiration of a rice bucket. As rice bucket hints a good harvest, it is expressed in the fashionable and tensile orange colour. The bottom of the bucket is opened in the form of a window, through which people have a panoramic view of the scenes of a small bridge, flowing water, full of reveries of infinite memories.

The reception desk under the bridge follows the beauty of Chinese symmetry, and the shiny surface attracts customers. The Chinese food area is designed under the concept of characteristic courtyards in the south of the Yangtze River. It separates the space with folding screens. In the centre, an ancient gingko tree serves as the focus of the line of sight, while the local handicraft Gu embroidery and tea culture are integrated in the space enclosed by the courtyard, to offer an interesting dining experience. The grand banquet hall looks simple but stunning. The crystal lamps extending from the corridor to the banquet hall brings a sense of luxury and grandeur.

The rooms and suites are luxurious and comfortable. The exquisite furniture fully reflects the local design style and characteristics of the times. The Malu bamboo weaving handicraft has been taken as the design language mainly for the bedside art background and carpet, echoing the local decorations. The plain black, white and grey are taken as the main colours, with some parts embellished with the fashionable and tensile orange colour. The details are exquisite and unique ubiquitously.

This hotel has a unique geographical advantage as it is close to the Hongqiao Transportation Hub and connected to the Airport Economic Park. The designers took full advantage of this, making the hotel close to the local style of Shanghai and at the same time convenient for customers to come and go.

Mantu Interior Architects Design

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