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Designer in Profile: Tatiana Sheveleva, Chapi Chapo Design

Chapi Chapo Design have been Shortlisted for 6 Categories in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2021. Read more about Co-owner and Partner Tatiana Sheveleva below:

Name: Tatiana Sheveleva

Company: Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

Position within company: co-owner/ Partner


Tell us a little about your background in design (education, experience, etc)

Originally, I am from Kazakhstan. My initial education is International Economics Relations where I met my husband. Soon through my creativity I found my way to the Interior Design profession. I graduated with honours from the International Academy of Design in Toronto, Canada, and received the ARIDO Award for Design Excellence.

My ambitions and hard work brought me to the Hotel industry through experience in a very well-known international Interior Design Company. After almost 8 years of hard work I decided to continue my professional journey with my business partner and open

Chapi Chapo Design company. Chapi Chapo Design to me is more than just a job, it is an unforgettable voyage with ups and downs. This company makes me feel alive and essential. To date, we have had multiple experiences with Five-star International hotels like Ritz Carlton, St. Regis, Intercontinental, Hyatt, Kimpton, W Hotel, Four Seasons Hotels and so on.

How would you describe your personal interior design style?

I do not believe in personal interior design style. For me Interior design style should be more about timeless comfort than trend, cultivating a unique style that was adopted from brand, location and culture to become charismatic and confident beauty. My objective is to understand who is going to be the clientele of the property and make sure my design will serve the needs of a particular market and brand. Every property needs to have a strong design that follows a strong DNA.

Where does your design inspiration come from?

I think the verb “to design” expresses the process of hard work, an inspirational journey and often an emotionally wrenching story. Sometimes music makes me want to dance, and sometimes it makes me want to create.

Albert Einstein told once: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

In what direction do you feel that design is moving towards in a general sense?

I think technology nowadays dictates a big change to the Hospitality industry including design as well. Technology is improvement of productivity. Currently, people can perform certain things with ease and faster than ever before. This definitely affects the design of the check-in desk, for example, and how fast and much easier the guest can move from the airport to the lobby and to the room. Movement is straightforward, action is fast, interaction has speeded up. And this is just one example.

The entire guest experience inside the room is changing/improving as well.

Keyless Entry

Check-in via tablets or phones

Texting Concierge

Smart Thermostats

Hospitality Design is definitely in the process of a big and smart change.

Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2020 and beyond.

I think the core design elements are still the same whether it is 2012 or 2021:

  1. Find Elegance Vibe….
  2. Arm yourself with a fundamental competency….
  3. Define and embrace of what you truly believe in design…
  4. Add extraordinary…
  5. When you see the world through designer eyes, you generate beauty whatever you do.

If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to interior design schemes, what would it be?

To me design is an absolutely beautiful sensation. You do not want to be foolish not to experience the joys of every single thing it has to offer. Everyone (or almost everyone) is moved by Interior design in some way. My advice is to have faith in your skills, creativity and have the bravery to apply them. Always Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone.

How important are The International Hotel & Property Awards as recognition of talent and achievement?

Very important. It will definitely bring confidence in international arena for every designer. Most importantly it will give recognition for extraordinary hard work.

What projects are you currently working on?

We are very blessed to work on many interesting projects around the world.

There are just a few of them:

  1. St. Regis Hotel, Kanai, Playa del Carmen
  2. Ritz Carlton Hotel, Mexico City
  3. St. Regis Hotel, Cap Cana, Dominican Republic
  4. The Luxury Collection, Dominican Republic
  5. Intercontinental Hotel, Toronto
  6. W Hotel, Dominican Republic
  7. Ritz Carlton Hotel, Nashville
  8. Quite a few Luxury Villas in Aman Resort, Turks and Caicos

What was your favourite project to work on and why?

I would say there is no project that does not leave a mark in my heart.

Mostly, my favorite projects are the most challenging projects.

The St. Regis Kanai Resort Riviera Maya is the one of them. It is built on the most exceptional land, mangrove. As per the architects, the Hotel is being designed to appear to float on a carpet of mangroves set against a backdrop of sea and sky. Descending from the Mayan stars, St. Regis Resort Kanai finds its place within unique circle architecture that is followed by beautiful interior design that have bold textures, bespoke style of luxury, soft colours and local flavour. Our design details spark inspiration from natural surroundings of the hotel including local cenotes. This project has it all: unique land, modern architecture, Mexican flavour and prestigious luxury hotel brand. I have to say strong and loyal relationship with the Ownership always helps to create beautiful and memorable design as well.

What was your most challenging project to work on and why?

Each project has specific challenges that slowly grow into unique fundamentals.

Ritz Carlton, Mexico City is a perfect example. The idea behind the tallest and twisted architecture is to have an extraordinary view from each window to the City and Chapultepec Park. It is a truly magnificent panoramic view from each of the hotel space and each room. Rising 58 stories in the heart of the financial centre, the home of The Ritz-Carlton, Mexico City adds a striking structure to the city’s skyline. These architectural characteristics came with the “prize” and challenged our team in many ways during the design process from differences of the room types to deal with bold internal structure that is absolutely necessary for extraordinary form of architecture and earthquake risk.

Which products/services could you not live without when designing?

There are so many different aspects of interior design, so many different nuances to be aware of. Understanding the client’s needs and design with extraordinary care is the most important consideration during creative process. A well-designed space is always the result of significant effort, time, and the brainstorming of multiple creative minds.

The best tool during creative process for me is a simple pen. The pen is not only an instrument for writing and drawing but also the link between imagination and reality.

For me the pen and paper are the oldest and most reliable forms of human expression of creativity.

What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months?

I am hoping to get a chance to create many beautiful memories through my projects around the world. Just knowing that my design inspires people and brings joy is wonderful and I find it very heartwarming.

Final thoughts; tell us a little more about yourself and your daily inspirations:

Your most treasured possession?

Living my best life, getting my biggest dreams and hand on the bravery wheel

Your favourite holiday destination?

Any destination that brings my family together.

Your favourite hotel, restaurant & bar?

It is coming… not built yet…)))

Your favourite book, film & song?

My favorite book and film is The Pursuit of Happyness. It is a 2006 American autobiographical drama film based on entrepreneur Chris Gardner’s nearly one-year struggle being homeless. The book and the movie The Pursuit of Happyness is a great example of someone who has little to nothing but chooses to be happy and not let the circumstances of his life slow him down.

Your favourite food and drink?

My favorite drink is Tea. I am from Kazakhstan where a respectful attitude to guests has contributed to the traditional Kazakh ceremony of tea. Kazakh tea represents strong black tea with milk or cream.

Hospitality has always been a main character of my house. Even if you have just a minute to pop into my house, I will still ask you to sit down and offer a fragrant tea with sweets. Almost every meal is followed by tea in Kazakh families.

I am always open to try new flavors from different cultures. When I am celebrating big achievement, it is of course tequila)

Your favourite way to spend an afternoon?
To be with my thoughts and make plans for bigger dreams. And of course, enjoy the sun touch and my family.

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?

If I would not be a designer, I would be a Creator.

Anything else interesting?

I think everyone should remember whenever you see a successful Interior design, someone once made courageous and brilliant decisions.

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