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The Best of European Hospitality Design

The Best Of European Hospitality Design:

Fyra shortlisted for 2020, Europe categories closing, and SPACE Architects’ inspiration…

As publishers for the design industry globally, we feel it is vitally important that we continue to share your work, promote your new collections, endorse new ideas and innovations and show the design world just how strong we are as a community. We may not be able to travel to conferences, overseas meetings and events for a while, but we at design et al, will do all we can to expose your work to clients globally during this time.

All awards PR, editorial, digital news edits and magazines will be published as usual. We will be adding to our global communication by regularly publishing The Best of European Hospitality Design update, along with further news edits and PR global level to help keep this industry moving.


Bardem is a distinctly modern and unique cocktail bar nestled right in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. Fyra had a goal to create the perfect space for a wide variety of occasions, everything from celebrations with friends and family, to drinks after work with colleagues. With this in mind, Fyra have designed a cohesive and exciting space, set to interest and please guests with its refreshing aesthetic.

Fyra have been shortlisted for Bar/Club/Lounge – Europe Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

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As we continue to support and promote the global design industry, we remain inundated with applications from all over the globe. Consequently, many regional and global categories will close imminently:

Hotel Under 200 Rooms Europe – CLOSED

Restaurant Within A Hotel – Europe – 4 spaces remaining
This category is specifically for restaurants that are part of a hotel, located in Europe.

Hotel Under 200 Rooms – Global – 1 space remaining
This category is open to hotels that have less than 200 guest rooms located around the world, and we would expect images of all areas within the hotel.

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Where does your design inspiration come from?
We are designing to make people happy in their home, hotel room or in a restaurant. And while we are doing that we focus on “dreams” of the client, into real works, solid and upright on their own feet. Inspiration of our designing mentality is based on the nature of society and fashion and relationships.

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