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The Best of Asia Pacific Hospitality Design

The Best Of Asia Pacific Hospitality Design:

Buro Ziyu Zhuang and Studio 8 Shortlisted 2020, and the closing categories…

As publishers for the design industry globally, we feel it is vitally important that we continue to share your work, promote your new collections, endorse new ideas and innovations and show the design world just how strong we are as a community. We may not be able to travel to conferences, overseas meetings and events for a while, but we at design et al, will do all we can to expose your work to clients globally during this time.




As we continue to support and promote the global design industry, we remain inundated with applications from all over the globe. Consequently, 10 categories will soon close:

Restaurant – Global – 1 space remaining
This category refers to restaurants located all around the World. We would expect to see the different areas and aspects of the restaurant.

Bar/Club/Lounge – Global – 1 space remaining
For this category we would expect to see the bar, seating and social areas of the submitted project. This category is open to bars, clubs, lounges and nightlife projects located around the world.

Hotel Under 200 Rooms Global – 1 space remaining
This category refers to all areas of a hotel which has under 200 guest rooms, from all over the world that are able to compete on a global scale.

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Hotel Under 200 Rooms- Europe
This category refers to all areas of a hotel which has under 200 guest rooms, located specifically in the Europe regions.

Lobby/Public Areas – Global 
This category refers to all the public areas of a hotel such as the reception are, entrance hall and seating areas.

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The shape and layout of the hotel, works towards allowing people a constant connection to Shushan mountain and the adjacent lake, forming different scenarios with the help of walls and roof. In Phase I of the project – the hotel – the floorplan is organized around a public central courtyard, around which the circulation flows freely. Along this pathway the eye-level of people is changing, following the roof of the hotel, bypassing the building completely until the courtyard is in sight. From here visitors can see the lake and Longquan ridge in the distance. The overall project includes several phases, not limited to the hotel, but also including residential functions.

Buro Ziyu Zhuang have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms – Global Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards

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Stretching across the main entrance, three dining halls conceptualize the transformation of wood to charcoal and finally to ash. The notion of the dining concept is summed up in the small portico at the entrance, where a half-burnt wooden column hangs from the ceiling and ends in a lava stone block on the floor, welcoming the guests. The first hall implements wood flooring and preserves the untouched original walls of the building, while the main hall is converted to total black. At the end of the space follows the third hall, which once again shows some of the original brick wall and is finished with white-grey plastered walls.

Studio 8 have been shortlisted for Bar/Club/Lounge – Global Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards

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