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An interview with Chapi Chapo Design’s Co-CEO and a look at OBM International’s recently shortlisted beach hotel…

Here at design et al, our staff will be working remotely for the time-being, maintaining regular business hours and promoting the best design projects throughout the world. All awards PR, editorial, digital news edits and magazines will be published as usual. Every part of the business will continue to work in the same way. Over the coming days and weeks will be adding to our global communication with additional new edits and PR  on a global level to help keep this industry moving.

As publishers for the design industry globally, we feel it is vitally important that we continue to share your work, promote your new collections, endorse new ideas and innovations and show the design world just how strong we are as a community. We may not be able to travel to conferences, overseas meetings and events for a while, but we at design et al, will do all we can to expose your work to clients globally during this time.


Set across 500 acres of pristine private beachfront and breath-taking flora and fauna, the re-imagined resort provides an unparalleled island escape with expertly appointed accommodations, inspired amenities, dynamic dining outlets and bespoke services and programming.

OBM International have been shortlisted for  Hotel Under 200 Rooms – Americas/Caribbean Award and Beach Hotel – Global Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards

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Chapi Chapo Design

How would you describe your personal interior design style?
I do not believe in personal interior design style. For me Interior design style should be more about timeless comfort than trend, cultivating a unique style that was adopted from brand, location and culture to become charismatic and confident beauty.

Where does your design inspiration come from?
I think the verb “to design” expresses the process of hard work, an inspirational journey and often an emotionally wrenching story. Sometimes music makes me want to dance, and sometimes it makes me want to create. Albert Einstein told once: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

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As we continue to support and promote the global design industry, we remain inundated with applications from all over the globe. Consequently, various regional and global categories will soon close:

Hotel Over 200 Rooms – Americas/Caribbean: this category refers to hotels that have 200+ rooms specifically located in America and the Caribbean. We would expect to see the hotel suite, lobby/public areas, restaurant in the hotel if appliciable etc.

Restaurant – Global: this category refers to restaurants located from all across the World. We would expect to see the different areas and aspects of the restaurant.

Hotel Suite – Americas/Caribbean: this category refers to individual hotel suites specifically located in America and the Caribbean. We would expect to see the inside the hotel suite.

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