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Palazzo IA

The Na. Ranong Mansion by Palazzo IA

Palazzo IA have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Asia Pacific Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

The story begins right from the intrigued interior design which portrays a timeless classic concept accommodating this long-lasting family of prosperous businessmen. A design that seamlessly blends modern technology and appliances into a piece of art. Coupled with Sino-Portuguese style, the building is inspired by the long history dated to the arrival of Portuguese settlers. The blending elements of European and Chinese style in eye-catching appearance of the structure follows the stories which occurred at geographical area it stands on.

Artist Palazzo IA himself, being inspired by the complex design of Thai Royal Palace in the 18th century, drew the tale to show the “Symbol of Success” on the canvas of the interiors. A piece that embeds QR code technology for visitors to embark an experience as real as visiting an authentic museum while revealing captivating meaning behind each drawing on the wall, the staircase, the living room, and the bedroom. The living room has a distinctive blue oceanic tone compared to the rest thanks to its extraordinarily stunning colour combination to bring the nearby sea and sand to the dining table allowing residence to feel the sensation of dining at the beach without having to leave the complex. The master bedroom is glamorously filled with pink and white pigments to follow the concept of “Dream of Flower” with appealing crown curtains to represent the chamber for queen of the house.

The design is solely the product of the designers’ creative minds and ideas without being influenced by the owners, ergo it is able to shine to the fullest. Thanks to the owners’ complete trust and belief in the designers’ capability and experience coupled with helpful assistance of the owners in fast responding to giving feedbacks and corrections, the project was able to be finished smoothly just as estimated. In addition to that, we are a team of architects and designers working together for years building a healthy teamwork and communication.

With the modest proportion for five family members, the inside of the mansion, on one hand, gives out the sense of harmony and peace for the small family. On the other hand, the exterior allows it to stand with elegantly surrounded by stunning view of mountains and the beach, this residence complex demonstrates prosperity and power to the surrounding villagers. Visitors and passers-by will be amazed of the aura it spreads and it soon will become a landmark and the talk of the town in Ranong province.

The work of art embedded in this design comes from the heart, the dream, the passion, and the history of geographical location. The skills from our experienced team make it possible to decipher the destiny of the owners into this masterpiece of a mansion. The warmth, the harmony, and the stories that lie within are so real that even a close replica of this building will not bare the same value and aura.

Palazzo IA

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