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Studio Forma

PAM Chair by Studioforma Architects

Studioforma Architects have been shortlisted for Seating Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

PAM is a handmade wooden tubular chair, inspired by and shaped to mimic the structure of a palm leaf. Palm trees are subjects of a tropical natural lifestyle and immediately induce a sense of relaxation and wellness and their leaves are instantly associated with a soft ambiance and a tropical feeling. The lamellar structure of the palm leaf served as inspiration for the distinctive design of the PAM chair.

Studio Forma

Flawless finishing and refined geometry are the central design themes that characterise the PAM chair. The feminine name of the chair depicts the smooth and svelte silhouette. The seat, arm and backrest conduct a seamless and parallel design. Clear and harmonious lines give PAM an attractive and eye-catching appeal. PAM offers a high level of seating comfort and can be beautifully furnished in any environment, be it for residential or commercial indoor or outdoor use. It is ideally recommended for luxurious living areas, contemporary restaurants and tropical hotel settings. The curvaceous wooden frame of the chair is made of walnut and is accompanied by complementary upholstery pads.

Studio Forma

Studio Forma’s favourite aspect of the design was the meticulous handwork of assembling each of the tubes for the backrest as well as the seat to make the final product look seamless. The design works well due to the biometric architecture of the PAM chair which evokes the illusion as if sitting on a sculpted palm tree leaf. The feeling of becoming one with nature evokes serenity which mirrors relaxation and wellness, our inspiration from the beginning. The design is sustainable as it is created with natural materials which can possibly be recycled. 

Studio Forma

PAM is exhibited at the Meroni & Colzani atelier in Milan, Italy. The prototype chair was firstly introduced at the Milan Design Week 2016 in partnership with the Italian furniture manufacturer Meroni & Colzani. Over the next few years, the manufacturing process was optimised, and the feasibility of the chair perfected which makes it now available, four years later. Now, 2020, PAM is available for purchase.

Studioforma Architects

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