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R Kaplan Interiors

Waterstones Estate by R Kaplan Interiors

R Kaplan Interiors have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Global Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

This masterpiece of a home was designed by R Kaplan Interiors using bold and dramatic angles. The exceptional use of a multitexture display on the exterior walls creates additional depth to the unique design. Romi Kaplan then extended this idea into the interior of the home, creating a flow and continuity of the dramatic design choices.

R Kaplan Interiors

The client handed R Kaplan Interiors a 700 square metre blank canvas and requested that it be turned into a piece of art. The final residence is a 360-degree masterpiece of unique and eye-catching corners, making use of rare and interesting objects. The designers took advantage of the wide array of luxurious and bold patterned fabrics. These were paired with an organic solid wood coffee table in the living room, and for further complexity it was sprayed it black and layered it with brass henge and knoll table. The different finishes and textures used in the cluster of the coffee tables gives the room both the intrigue and warmth.

R Kaplan Interiors

A custom piece of marble creates the dining server and brass details are introduced in the legs and handles for continuity from the lounge. The dining table is a combination of black glass, oak wood and black steel inlay detail. The contrast of texture, from the shine of the glass to the rough texture of the wood, creates a feel of intrigue.

R Kaplan Interiors

The main bedroom and bathroom is R Kaplan Interiors’ pièce de résistance. The walls have an ombre effect for a profound sense of calmness upon entrance to the bedroom. The feature in the main bathroom is the Jean Paul Gaultier wallpaper framed in brass on either side of the bath. It brings a bold statement to the neutral finishes, with a sense of luxury coming from the custom designed a brass and neolith vanity.

This project combines a rich, dramatic interior with layers of textures, patterns, and colours. The key element is the use of brass, seen throughout the home for continuity. The open plan layout means that the home is not only intriguing, but welcoming and perfect for entertaining.

R Kaplan Interiors 

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