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Designer In Profile: Amanda Bate & Colm Doyle, DMVF Architects

DMVF Architects have been shortlisted for Residential Architectural Property Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. Read more about the Senior Architect & Director below:

Name: Amanda Bate & Colm Doyle
Company: DMVF Architects
Position within company: Senior Architect & Director

Tell us a little about your background in design (education, experience, etc)
Amanda: I studied Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, and worked for award winning practices Alison Brooks Architects and Grimshaw Architects. I have gained experience in a wide range of residential and commercial projects across the UK and Ireland.

Colm: I studied Architecture at Dundee University. I worked in London prior to DMVF for international award winning practice Paul Davis & Partners (PDP). I have extensive experience working as a Conservation Architect — integrating contemporary architecture within historic environments.

How would you describe your personal design style?
We like to conserve and celebrate historic buildings, but also compliment them with careful contemporary extensions and interventions which enhance the way they are experienced.

Where does your design inspiration come from?
Everywhere! The existing site context and surroundings, the clients’ own history and personality, different periods in history and typical crafts of the period.

In what direction do you feel that design is moving towards in a general sense?
We feel design has been drifting towards the impersonal as a reflection of a globalised society. It would be nice to re-focus on identity and an emotional connection to architecture.

Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2021 and beyond.
Globalisation, climate change, public health, mental wellbeing, inequality.

If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design schemes, what would it be?
Context is key – both the tangible and intangible.

How important are The International Design & Architecture Awards?
Very important – they lend a wider insight to the current approaches to design and architecture. They define a level to which all good design should aim.

What projects are you currently working on?
A number of Conservation projects both domestic and commercial. A new extension to a Protected Structure using green glazed bricks.

What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months?
To deliver more projects to our clients which are both personal and a joy to experience. To continue leading the Irish market in examples of good conservation architecture.

Final thoughts; tell us a little more about yourself and your daily inspirations:

Your most treasured possession?
Amanda: Beautifully crafted, tonewood guitar.
Colm: ‘Portrait of a Boy’ painting by Katarzyna Gajewska.

Your favourite holiday destination? The garden – at the moment!

Your favourite hotel, restaurant & bar? The Monart Co. Wexford, Angelina’s, Dublin.

Your favourite book, film & song? The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Anthem – Leonard Cohen

Your favourite food and drink? Tapas (the sharing element!), Merlot

Your favourite way to spend an afternoon? A walk in theWicklow mountains
If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?
A musician

DMVF Architects, shortlisted in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020

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