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Zero Gravity by Materia174

Materia174 have been shortlisted for Residential Property Value £1-2.5 Million Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

Zero Gravity, located in Ukraine, was designed by Materia174 for a married couple whose grandchildren often come to spend the night. The villa creates an interior space where a person is given a special freedom of movement and spatial perception.


The team tried to ensure that all connections in the property are kept short. There are no unnecessary rooms, so you can live throughout the whole space every day. The living room, kitchen and bedroom have free access to the lawn, pool, and terrace with plumbing. The colours are delicate and unobtrusive, leaving room for light and textures. Timeless textures of stone, glass, metal, and solid wood have helped to breathe the soul into the space. The interior is very ethereal, elegant, and beautifully distributed within all volumes.


Materia174 believe that the overall style of the house should be preserved, but the mood, tactile sensations and atmosphere in each room are individually customised for their owners and for the function they perform. Here is considered the sensory experience of human interaction with light, materials, and atmosphere. Lamps that are expressive both with and without light create a certain effect, for example, angel wings in the living room can dematerialise, dissolving in space. Particular attention is paid to details with a clear pattern, the balance between rounded shapes and rational lines. The main source of climate is systems with cooling and radiating surfaces – warm/cold floors, walls, ceilings, which significantly improve the quality of life and protect the environment. Materia174 believe that such categories as climate, smell, fresh air, experience of using objects are also an integral part and feature of modern interior – the sensory perception.


This sensory perception of space is the key design aspect throughout the property – through the light, colour, tactility, sensations, experiences. This is what matters with Zero Gravity.


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