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Happy Barok

Coral System – Screen Lamps by Katarzyna Jasyk/Happy Barok

Happy Barok has been shortlisted for Lighting Piece Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

The Coral System is a collection of screen lamps made of metal and glass, and mounted floor to ceiling. Katarzyna Jasyk’s concept assumes a combination of two functions: lighting and separating space in the interior, the idea resulting in the design of the double lamps-screens.

Happy Barok

When designing Coral System, the intention was meant mainly commercial spaces. One element of the system consists of 2 parts (lamps with a single shade and lamps with a double shade). The systems can be combined with each other in any number by means of additional pipes, thus they can even create a large “luminous wall”.

The lamp itself is 270 cm high, therefore it is dedicated to large and high rooms. The entire electrical installation is in the ceiling, and the full height of the system is adjustable depending on ceiling height. It is an innovative design which provides practical, elegant solutions for the organization of interior space and the need for privacy. The pieces balances on the border between art and design, responding to social needs and raising the aesthetics of a room through its unconventional form.

Happy Barok

Katarzyna Jasyk’s design allows Happy Barok  to offer the system elements in different finishes. Metal – powder coated in three colours: gold, black and turquoise, and a brass finish. Rich colours allow the Coral Lamps to be used in various arrangements. The lamps have a single or double glass cover and can be combined to form a system – the translucent glass shades are always coral in colour.

Happy Barok

Katarzyna wanted the lamp itself to look like an installation or a sculpture. Their shape resembles large corals or old-style electron tubes, and it is the compilation of many elements that create a modern whole.

Happy Barok 

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