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Lowndes Place by Halo Design Interiors

Halo Design Interiors have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – London Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards.

Lowndes Place is a Grade II Listed property, which part of the Chesham House Estate. Previously untouched for the past 30 years, it featured faux stone paint effects and a room layout which was not conducive with modern living. The brief for Halo Design Interiors was to create a pied-a-terre in London for a family with young children. It needed to maintain the grandeur of its previous existence, whilst becoming an intimate family home, focussed on the occupants rather than as a showpiece for visitors.

Halo Design Interiors

The overall feel of the interiors was to be light, airy and understated, to give a sense of flow and connection between the spaces. Light colours and textures were preferred, with timeless classical details to create the framework for their new home. A sense of calm and harmony was important, with lighting to be seamlessly integrated within the architectural fabric of the building, and all decisions made feeding back to a sense of cohesion and serenity within the building.

In the hallway, Halo Design Interiors stripped back the existing faux stone walls, to the existing framework of the building and replaced it with classical panelling, keeping it light in colour. They took inspiration from the original cornicing on one side of the building, creating a bespoke cornice which was up lit by lighting integrated in the top of the panelling. With a soft honed chequerboard floor, a perfect welcome to the building was created, topped off by the use of one of the existing marble mantelpieces.

Halo Design Interiors

Halo Design Interiors’ favourite aspect of the scheme was the master suite. Crafted from the spaces which were previously the kitchen and dining rooms, the designers went through an intense reconfiguration exercise with the clients, landing on a scheme which took full advantage of the high ceilings and original cornicing, which was painstakingly restored. The panelling which featured in the hallway was continued into this space, which was then broken up with mirrored cabinetry, framed in brushed brass trims, reflecting the space around it. The ceilings were clad in a bronze metallic paint effect and up lit from the top of the panelling, preserving the original ceilings, and making them a focal point for all the rooms in this suite.

Halo Design Interiors

The interiors connect with the architecture of the building in such a way that there is a natural flow between the simplicity of the exterior building and the interior. The designs are respectful of the historic neighbourhood in which they are located, whilst at the same time allowing contemporary materials and clean lines to sit comfortably within them.

Halo Design Interiors

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