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Dochia Interior Design

Yorkville Condo by Dochia Interior Design

Dochia Interior Design have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Canada Award in The International Design and Architecture 2021.

Inspired by the dynamic skyline of urban centres, Dochia Interior Design’s condo thrives on materiality, texture and geometry. Every room exudes refined urban confidence and visual lines of sight are carefully choreographed.

Dochia Interior Design

The design uses an artistic approach to create a confident and stimulating environment at the intersection of place and time, city and individual. The walls, rich in form and depth, are clad in useful built-ins with a rhythm inspired by the adjacent city’s architecture – a dynamic backdrop to daily activities and the flow of conversation. Dochia Interior Design’s concept is a visual integration between the interior of the penthouse and the city outside. The materials are layered for a rich depth yet with an easy and flowy effect. For Dochia Interior Design, this is the most striking feature of an urban centre; the seemingly simple flow made of an extremely intricate social and physical urban fabric.

Dochia Interior Design

The place has a story told through the detailing of the builtins, edges, screens, materials transfer from one into another creating almost like an interior sculpture. The rooms are built for a dynamic experience, separated by built-ins and dividers. Lead designer Adriana Mot utilised metal in various components of the project and all had to be carefully integrated: the fireplace next to the tv unit, the sliding barn door with the resin film, even the bookcase has the black elements in hot rolled steel. The roughness of this material combined with the elegance of the execution took a lot of attention to detail and needed artisanal execution.

Dochia Interior Design

Key aspects of Dochia Interior Design’s project include the bookcase that replicates the rhythm of city skyline, and the custom sliding door between kitchen and living room, inspired by fragile Japanese paper and the metal that builds the skyscrapers. The ledge at the window was raised to collaborate with the south-facing horizon line. This clever detail was built out of need as it houses the heating and ventilation system which was previously low. Instead, Dochia Interior Design incorporated this sculptural piece, providing proportion and additional use by raising the height. The kitchen has a cinematic set up with a centre island pointed at the city. The oval table at the breakfast area by the window smooths the shapes into the light.

The composition is set like a work of art: in every room there is a dominant element supported by secondary elements. The hierarchy in design corresponds to a human hierarchy of visual perception. The overall effect is warm and modern, built by ensuring sufficient detail and deliberate distribution of materials.

Dochia Interior Design

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