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Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya

Patriarch Ponds Residence by Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya

Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Europe Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

The “Patriarch Pond” Residence stands on the banks of a cascade of ponds, surrounded by a pine forest in the beautiful Moscow countryside. This location has enabled the main material for this luxury residence to be of cedar wood whilst expanding over 1800 square metres. The image of the house was completed by a thatched roof, which emphasised the environmental friendliness of construction and perfectly blends this house into the surrounding landscape. 

Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya

All of the interior details, drawings and décors are drawn by Marina Putilovskaya’s Design Bureau. The interior of the property is decorated throughout with cedar and precious woods. All materials were selected for the principle of environmental friendliness and safety within the interior. The main theme of the house was the vine, as a symbol of fertility and continuity of traditions. This decor can be seen in the decoration of the doors, kitchen, stairs, stained-glass windows and floors.

Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya

The main element of the interior is the panoramic windows, letting in vast amounts of natural light and creating beautiful views. Mirrors decorate the hood and perfectly reflect the nature outside the windows. Within the grand hall there is the fireplace, made in the form of a leaf of wood. This blends into the overall concept through its natural décor creating a homely feel. Specialist artisan skills were used throughout the project, special designed marble panels, beautiful mosaic panels and the specialist construction technique of the fireplace. Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya felt that the most difficult part of the project was working with raw cedar, the most delicate pink shade of the wood which is completely unique. 

Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya

Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya 

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