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Denton House Design Studio

Denton House Design Studio

Upper West Side Chic by Denton House Design Studio

Denton House Design Studio have been shortlisted for Living Space – Americas Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards.

A fashionable fusion of timeless touches and rock-n-roll flair. Like the city that never sleeps, this smart city abode is both grounding and glamorous.

Steps away from Central Park in New York’s Upper West Side, this luxury residence wows with its rich colours and natural light. Denton House Design Studio honoured the home’s historical bones and highlighted the art deco flourishes that initially drew the clients to the space. The design scheme celebrates the natural light that pours in from across the park, keeping finishes and fixtures grounded with rich colours and accents of gunmetal and ebony.

Denton House Design Studio

The designers drew on the clients’ existing collection of furnishings and sourced one-of-a-kind pieces from area galleries. The tailored, curated feel invokes the serenity of the world-class museums a stone’s throw from the door, while a bit of glam rock & roll prevents the home from feeling staid. The eye moves effortlessly around the space, from the layered accessories to the fine art to the faux painted ceilings and hallway niches. Light bounces off lacquered surfaces and resplendent, original wood floors.

Denton House Design Studio

Some of the key aspects of this project included adding personality to the small bathroom. This was especially challenging and fun as the designers had to puzzle the area for maximum space. Additionally, the designers located an excellent faux painter who delivered the desired effect on accent ceiling and in the hallway niche.

Denton House Design Studio

The design works so well because the traditional style and the new design came together for a harmonious look. Classic architecture and key elements were preserved by Denton House Design Studio to reflect its age and the environment.

Denton House Design Studio

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