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Best of American Design: Amy Lau’s advice, de Loren & Associates and closing categories…

Here at design et al, our staff are continuing to work remotely, maintaining regular business hours and promoting the best design projects throughout the world. All awards PR, editorial, digital news edits and magazines will be published as usual.

Every part of the business will continue to work in the same way. Over the coming days and weeks we will be adding to our global communication with additional news edits and PR on a global level to help keep this industry moving. Without further ado, here is this weeks Best of American Design update.


As we continue to support and promote the global design industry, we remain inundated with applications from all over the globe. Consequently, various regional and global categories will soon close:

Living Space – Americas: this category refers to the communal areas of a property, such as Living Areas, Dining and Kitchen areas specifically in the Americas.

Living Space – Global: this category refers to the communal areas of a property, such as Living Areas, Dining and Kitchen areas on a global scale.

Interior Design Scheme – Americas: this category refers to all areas of a property, such as Living Areas, Dining and Kitchen areas, Bedrooms, Bathrooms etc specifically in the Americas.

City Space (Aparment/Penthouse) – Global: this category refers to city based apartments and penthouses, located all around the World.

Interior Design Scheme – Global: this category refers to all areas of a property, such as Living Areas, Dining and Kitchen areas, Bedrooms, Bathrooms etc, located all around the World.


To review our full list of Regional and Global categories, including further closing categories, please click here.

For last years winners in each category, please click here


Best of American Design: de Loren & AssociatesLocated in West Los Angeles alongside remarkable architectural projects like The Getty Center, the curved design of Sky Lane follows the natural curvature provided by the steep hillside of the Brentwood hills. The house steps down with the hillside and is part of the existing landscape rather than an imposed structure on the hillside.

de Loren & Associates have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Global  in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

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Best of American Design: Amy Lau Design

Background: Growing up in Northern Arizona, I spent a great deal of time in an expansive back yard called the desert – riding my horse and being awestruck by nature. I earned my undergraduate degree in art history from the University of Arizona. After college I spent time learning about decorative arts in Mexico, where I acquired an appreciation for the nation’s best crafts, skills and artistry.

I then enrolled in the American Fine & Decorative Arts master’s program at Sotheby’s, which equipped me with the academic background I needed to pursue a career in design. After graduation, I served as a director at Thomas O’Brien’s Aero and spent five years as the design director of noted mid-century specialist Lin-Weinberg Gallery in New York City. It was through these experiences that I decided to found my own interior design studio Amy Lau Design, which I have been principal of since 2001. I’m extremely proud of my accomplishments this year. I was named one of AD100’s top designers and architects, and was included in Luxe Interiors + Design’s 2018 Gold List.

Amy’s Advice: It’s important to have a dynamic mix of pieces in a home – vintage and contemporary pieces – as it helps the space to feel personalized and unique. A sense of balance can be achieved with seemingly disparate furnishings, fixtures and accessories by filtering your selections through the lens of a distinct color palette, making sure your woods, fabrics, metals and other finishes all harmonize. This stops the mix from looking jumbled and keeps it feeling intentional and well-curated.

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