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One category closed, with many others close behind and the recently shortlisted projects set to compete in the 2020 awards… 

The category Living Space – Global has now closed, with 11 categories close behind it, with less than 5 spaces left these will also be closing within the next few weeks. design et al still remain committed to investing £4 Million in PR and Editorial for shortlisted companies in The International Design & Architecture Awards.

As publishers for the design industry globally, we feel it is vitally important that we continue to share your work, promote your new collections, endorse new ideas and innovations and show the design world just how strong we are as a community. All awards PR, editorial, digital news edits and magazines will be published as usual. We will continue to expose your work to clients globally during this time.

Quarry House by RKD Architects

Quarry House consists of three nearly transparent pods, each with a curved, outward learning window wall that draw the occupants to stunning ranch land views toward Kimbell Junction and the north. Most of the structure of the home was modelled digitally. Then it was crafted; fitted together; finished; disassembled and packaged and shipped to the site. This allowed the huge curved outward leaning glass walls to come together seamlessly on site.

RKD Architects have been shortlisted for Residential £5 Million Plus (Property Value) Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

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Presidio Heights Revival by Skin Interior Design

Presidio Heights Revival is an elegant pre-war, stately Presidio mansion that was transformed by SKIN to reflect the playful, yet very sophisticated client. Indeed, words can hardly describe the transformation of this outdated mansion that was filled with antiques, ripped fabrics and dusty taupe walls.


SKIN have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Global in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

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11 Categories have less than 5 spaces left…

As we continue to support and promote the global design industry, we remain inundated with applications from all over the globe. Consequently, various regional and global categories will soon close:

Living Space – Global (CLOSED)

Interior Design Scheme – Americas (4 spaces remain): this category refers to all areas of a property, such as Living Areas, Dining and Kitchen areas, Bedrooms, Bathrooms etc specifically in the Americas.

City Space (Aparment/Penthouse) – Global (3 spaces remain): this category refers to city based apartments and penthouses, located all around the World.

Luxury Residence – Global (2 spaces remain): this category refers to all areas of a property, with a focus on the most luxurious projects. We would expect, for example, to see Home Cinemas, Swimming Pools etc as well as the usual areas of the property like Living Areas, Dining and Kitchen areas, Bedrooms, Bathrooms etc

To review our full list of closing categories click here.

For last years winners in each category, please click here

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