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Audi Snyman Interior Design

Shimmers of Hope by Audi Snÿman Interior Design

Audi Snyman Interior Design has been shortlisted for Lighting Piece Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

For this luxury home set in an exclusive residential area, Audi Snyman Interior Design had to merge the differing cultures and differing tastes of her husband-and-wife clients. A symmetrical classic look was important to her, whilst he wanted a more modern look. These considerations had to be applied to the furnishings as well as the interiors. Audi Snyman Interior Design created a custom chandelier for this home which encapsulates the client’s design brief and the importance of social responsibility.

Audi Snyman Interior Design

The clients wanted a neutral colour tone in the home with opulent textures and accent colours that run throughout the home. Blue was his favourite colour, and so tones thereof were woven into the scheme. Textures were used to give a more luxurious appeal, and certain areas a unique feel.

The dining room chandelier is manufactured from recycled glass and strung together to create a unique and beautiful light fixture. The glass was purchased from trolley-pushing recyclers and then processed to create a smooth finish, thereby providing job creation, whilst also conserving the environment. Other featured pieces of glass originate from bottles manufactured by a leading beverage company who are the previous employer of the owner, thereby provoking memories, nostalgia, and scintillating campfire storytelling.

Audi Snyman Interior Design

0Symmetry, style, and elegance were main factors of the brief. Audi Snyman Interior Design integrated not only these aspects but also the client’s request of an entertainment focussed home into the chandelier design. The differing shapes and sizes of the glass create mesmerising reflections across the room. The open plan kitchen/dining area is perfect for entertainment; with the lighting fixture positioned above the dining room table it has become a great conversation piece at dinner parties. The piece generates a wind-chime effect when a light breeze blows through the house, creating a soft reverberating sound with a calming and capturing affect.

Audi Snyman Interior Design

For Audi Snyman Interior Design, it is important to use products that “give back” to society, make a difference and thereby create a positive legacy for tomorrow. The clients also praised Audi’s dedication to the details of their home – “She invested the time to get to know us, in order to understand our vision and design aesthetic”. The active involvement of her clients was a highlight of the project for the designer, ensuring their delight at the final product.

Audi Snyman Interior Design

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