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Astro Lighting

Tacoma by Astro Lighting

Astro Lighting has been shortlisted for Lighting Piece Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

Designed as a series with the ability to complement any lighting scheme is Astro Lighting’s Tacoma Wall Light. It places an emphasis on the elegance of simplicity, bringing a modern take on a classic design. Astro products have always been guided by the creative ethos that ‘good design demands simplicity’, and each form and finish available to Tacoma delivers a high standard of sophistication.

Astro Lighting

Elegantly engineered using the finest materials, Astro Lighting’s Tacoma sconce takes influence from gothic-style architecture, marrying ribbed glass globes and a statuesque metal stem to deliver a dramatic wash of light. The beauty that comes from the seemingly simple design allows the pieces to operate and hold their own in within both contemporary and traditional settings. Tacoma encapsulates modern engineering; delicacy found in the details of this design is conducted flawlessly by the outstanding craftsmanship of the Astro team, elevating traditional design. It is an embellished vision of an enduring wall light, modernising a play on familiar shapes.

Astro Lighting

Bold in it’s ability to both suit and contrast design schemes, Tacoma exquisitely encapsulates a versatile lighting solution. Tacoma is a statuesque metal stem, partnered with ribbed glass globes as a combination that introduces a dramatic light element to any room with ease. Offering an adaptable and classic luminaire, this stylish light fitting comes in multiple finishes and with an extensive choice of glass shades. Astro Lighting reflects the importance of thoughtful design in every detail. Available in Single, Twin, and Single Grande forms, the variety of finishing choices makes this simple yet sophisticated luminaire suitable for all interior light schemes, both within and beyond the bathroom. The charm of this design though is that this interpretation of the timeless wall light can be suited to any setting.

Astro Lighting

Astro Lighting

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