Project name: Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon

Location: Myanmar

Date completed: November 2017

Interior Designer: That ITH Interior

Hotel Group/ Developer: Chatrium

Construction Company: Task Interior

The Burmese gold inlaid walls in ancient temples gave inspiration to this dazzling gold diamond featured design. The deconstructed design injects modern sensuality to the space yet pays homage to its roots. The 12-indented cornered chandelier is inspired by the symmetry of Buddhist Chedi’s foundation.

The half-relief “Aub,” Burmese crafted wood vessels are the feature that welcome the visitors, these are put on display against mirror backdrop creating reflection of the full shaped “Aub” as the main feature for lobby lounge that welcomes the world important guests. The Extravagant wall feature in lobby and vip lounge was inspired from gold inlaid walls in ancient temples and pagodas in myanmar but in a very contemporary design to create new perception of new era of Myanmar.

There is also an Exclusive half relief “aub” feature wall design in the lobby lounge which was also created to show the new interpretation of Burmese. A mirroring effect was used throughout to solve the low ceiling and limited space, this has created luxury feel with an open planned and effective layout.

The design was derived from its rich and strong culture of the country with contemporary twist which is still familiar to the natives yet in such refined and elevated to another level where is approachable for both local and international.

The design integrates into the wider environment due to their being a touch of contemporary on local roots making it able to be acquainted in universal level. Large windows and doors leading on the outdoor areas showing the views has also created a space which blends perfectly with the outdoors.

All the features in the hotel were uniquely designed only for this Chatrium hotel, reinterpreted the local art and craft in modern language. Everything started from the designer’s hand sketches; all of the features are original artworks.