Project Name: Buddha Bar

Location: Flic en Flac, Mauritius

Date Completed: May 2019

Interior Designer: Paul Bishop

Hotel Group/Developer: Sun Resorts

A stunning bohemian beach side paradise enhanced by its sensational design and gastronomic wonders. Set within the Sugar Beach resort in the serene location that is Flic en Flac in Mauritius, stands the islands freshest dining and nightlife destination Buddha Bar Beach – previously known as Tides. The latest venue for renowned hotel chain Sun Resorts was conceived and applied as a renovation to the existing hotel pool bar.

The team at Sun Resorts expressed a strong desire to evolve the F&B offering and become recognised as a desirable setting rather than merely a backup area to the hotel pool. It therefore became clear from the onset that careful consideration was to be dedicated not just to the existing pool bar, but to the available surroundings including the beach and the hotel itself in the creation of a never-seen-before offering.

Bishop Design embraced an innovative approach when utilising local materials to evolve a unique identity for the venue, yet synergise with its inherent surroundings so as to never feel out of place; merely elevated and evolved in its modern aesthetic. Lava stone is used in heavy applications across the island, yet Bishop Design have intelligently cut pieces down to create unique forms across the kitchen counter cladding. Finite detailing is echoed through the refreshed interior dynamic from the lobster and king crab tanks, right through to the hand painted bar tiles and white cherry blossom dressed columns, as well as the hand-crafted rum cage all by a locally commissioned artisan.

Social savvies are welcomed in their absolute element as the design sits beautifully within the surrounding backdrop; offering unlimited potential for those perfect Instagram shots. A particular highlight is the extended cabana area, which is framed by way of a pergola, designed to perfectly capture the sun as it sets across the ocean. Encompassed by white sand and crystal-clear waters, clientele are immersed in pure post-card paradise.

The establishment is an unprecedented addition to the island that sits comfortably within its location, engulfed by beautiful undisturbed backdrops of serene sunset and greenery, and has created an entity that Buddha Bar truly identify with; and as such the design now sets the benchmark for all future franchise venues to follow.