Project Name: Residence at Lomas de Chapultepec

Location: Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico

Date Completed: November 2017

Interior Designer: Roy Azar

Architect: Roy Azar

This residence was conceived as a large white canvas to house a stunning collection of contemporary art that could be lived in from all areas both indoor and outdoor. This residence was designed and created by Roy Azar Architects with the main intention of bringing the outdoors in and to showcase a blue-chip art collection. An interesting window and glass solution was engineered to achieve this design intention.

When the windows are fully opened and concealed behind the walls, the social areas become part of the gardens. Several glass boxes are part of the design and they are meant to display bathroom sinks, desks or reading nooks. Roy Azar Architects introduced an automated blind system runs inside a black metal track that blends with the windows solution. The house is fully equipped with heated marble floors, automating lighting, media, sound and shades. There are also several terraces around the house that invite to live a full outdoor experience.

A clean layout was planned by Roy Azar Architects as to connect all the areas in the house and several skylights were also introduced to brighten up most rooms, spanning across its 1200 sq. meters. The project is suited to the wider environment of the cosmopolitan Mexico City and promotes local economy, shortening travel distances from the involved workshops to the final project. The grounds and the colourful art blends well with the overall design creating the perfect setup for daily activities and entertainment.