Project name: Porfirio´s Restaurante

Location:  Mexico

Date Completed: March 2019

Architect: Filipao Nunes

Interior Designer:  Filipao Nunes

Hotel Group/Developer: Anderson´s Group


Porfirio’s is a modern restaurant of 395 m2 and a capacity of 211 guests; whose essence is based on the reinterpretation of Mexican cuisine.

Filipao Nunes Arquitectos was assigned Porfirio’s Restaurante back in October 2018, with construction commencing in November 2018. The Project was completed in March 2019 and during its development, Filipao Nunes Arquitectos had several challenges to overcome from the concept of the restaurant design to the execution and coordination of the work.

Located in Punto Sao Pablo Square, in one of the most entertaining and gastronomic areas in Guadalajara, Jalisco; Porfirio’s Restaurante main intention was to reinterpret certain of elements of Mexican interior architecture from the period of the Porfiriato, whilst adding in a mixture of modern elements.

Making reference to the dishes of Mexican cuisine with current techniques, Filipao Nunes Arquitecto makes use of materials such as walnut wood, brass laminates, porcelain with stone aesthetics, tapestries, to help make the atmosphere of Porfirio’s Restaurante as relaxing as possible and extremely welcoming.

With a capricious geometry and the challenge of optimising the small terrace that was on the ground floor,  Filipao Nunes Arquitectos proposed the use of vegetation suspended by the slab, placed in a way that gives the customer the idea of a jungle look, opening to the outside and giving the steps a communication with the wider urban environment. This mixture of elements together brings life into the project.