Project Name: Urban Space 500 Restaurant

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Date Completed: December 2018

Architect: Pavlo Peker, Karyna Sydorenko, Bohdan Filonov, Oleh Shainoha

Interior Designer: Karyna Sydorenko, Bohdan Filonov, Oleh Shainoha

Hotel Group/Developer: Dream Family

Construction Company: Peker & Partners

Urban Space 500 Restaurant was founded by 500 truly socially active citizens, with investment based on crowdfunding and where 80% of the profits go to the needs of the city. Having such a social function, the location had to be in the central city’s district. The restaurant, in addition to its main function, was designed by Peker & Partners to also be a platform for discussions, and just a general meeting place. In the context of the project, preference was given to the solutions that combine all the premises into one space.

One of the extraordinary tasks that Peker & Partners needed to solve was the demand to meet the expectations of five hundred investors. During the designing period, the architect needs to present and publicise the project, inform about the progress, react to the feedback, and work with improvement recommendations. Taking these opinions into account meant that Peker & Partners built Urban Space 500 with a preference for natural materials for construction and finishing; the main materials are old brick, metal, concrete floor, veneered and solid wood panels. A tribute is also given to history through Peker & Partners’ design: the original entrance doors were restored and left in place.

The interiors needed to be firm and able to withstand hundreds of people per day, but also reflect the purpose of Peker & Partners construction. Practical decisions such as ensuring the HVAC system is effective for maximum people’s capacity were made, but Peker & Partners also proposed design decisions such as not to combine the halls, but to make them completely different for different moods and scenarios. There is room for discussion, another for a romantic evening, and further one just a drink. This layout is then reinforced by the lighting schemes which are dependent on the event, since all of the scenarios require different conditions and atmospheres, from a cosy evening dinner to an informative lecture.

Urban Space 500 Restaurant is project made with love by the people for their city. All investors and city activists are able use the restaurant for a healthy meal or as a discussion platform. The restaurant’s profit is working on city improvement, and in turn the area’s social initiatives are announcing, discussing, and investing here. This is a restaurant that supports is citizens by having the support returned, and has become a key part of the community.