Project Name: Trastevere

Location: Ciudad de México, CDMX

Date Completed: October 2019

Interior Designer: Cuaik Arquitectos

Trastevere is an Italian restaurant, inspired by the beautifully, iconic region in Rome with the same name. From the beginning of the design process, the ultimate goal was to bring the Italian essence of the trattorias, to this small space, in one of the hottest neighbourhoods of Mexico City.

With the strong European design concept established, each design element such as; materials, textures, fabrics, furniture, vegetation, rugs, colours and lighting fixtures, were carefully chosen or custom designed by Cuaik Arquitectos. This allowed the designers to carry the design concept throughout the process and create an intricately detailed space, infused with a real sense of cosiness and warmth. Natural lighting and plants were also key elements to achieve these calming sensations. On the terrace area, the space is decorated with vintage rugs and umbrellas, adding character, and has a retractable pergola to enjoy sunlight in summer evenings. Guests then feel as if they really are on a European terrace enjoying good food and good company.

Being in a quite small retail space, with an irregular shape, it was a challenge for the designers to accommodate all the areas needed to achieve a high-end but also comfortable experience. Time also posed as a challenge, as the restaurant needed to be completed in just four months, instead of the usual 6-month time period. Despite being such a tight space, distribution and design elements worked perfectly to achieve a cosy, but at the same time fresh and lightened atmosphere. Specialist artisan skills have been used in this project, with Cuaik Arquitectos having the brass fixtures custom designed to fit into the design concept and bring the idea to life.

Cuaik Arquitectos designed an Italian restaurant, with a real unique European vibe, but located in Mexico City. The restaurant is filled with beautiful design details and has a warm and cosy ambience flowing throughout. Guests are made to feel welcome, comfortable and totally relaxed. Trastevere has successfully brought more people, movement and life to its surroundings in the city.