Project Name: SORANO HOTEL

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Date Completed: April 2020

Architect: Yamashita Sekkei

Interior Designer : Gweneal Nicolas / Curiosity Japan

Hotel Group/ Developer: Techihi Hospitality Management

Construction Company: Obayashi Corporation and Shimizu Corporation

Located in the area adjacent of renown National Park, the luscious green and amazing views are captured in all aspects of the interior. A memorable space connecting from the entrance to the lobby is designed with a tent-like shape, evoking a journey in nature. The unique louver design also makes for a different atmosphere in the lobby at night, with a play of light and shade, which welcomes the visitors in a warm and intimate lounge. All 81 guest rooms have a park view, widely opened balcony and over 52sqm space, which was designed uniquely with modern Japanese elements. One of the standard size rooms has unusual black tatami floor and comfortable futon facing outside terrace. The view of the room is to be discovered through a transparent screen which gives the guests a surprising and welcoming feeling when they come in.

The 10th and 11th floors offer well-being experiences; gym, indoor spa and infinity pool with breath-taking view uniting you with sky and greenery. The most iconic feature of SORANO HOTEL is the Infinity Pool 4 meters wide and extending an impressive 60 meters long. It appears as you climb the stairs from the 10th floor through the pool itself, the view suddenly opens up before your eyes. Facing the Infinity Pool, SORANO ROOF TOP BAR, a long-curved bar welcomes the customers day and night. The diner, based on the concept of “well-being”, serves Japanese Crossover food, selecting high-quality ingredients from local products.

To balance the design materials, colours are continuously connected to the outside garden, from the lobby , restaurants, spa and pools areas. The designers wanted to disconnect the place to the URBAN areas but at the same time anchor the hotel in the context of Tachikawa with its culinary and cultural asset.

The SORANO HOTEL is part of a larger development and become in a way the core of the place, as it offers a variety of facilities, restaurant, all connect to the surrounding. The hotel widely opens to the exterior, and invites the visitor and customer to freely enjoy the same spaces and facilities. The project is a collaboration with different artist and artisans to bring a strong human touch and unexpected feature.