Project Name: The Social Kitchen

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Date Completed: May 2019

Architect: Maya Ajar

Interior Designer: Jawaher Al moarawi

Construction Company: Ajyad Construction

The Social Kitchen is a family run restaurant that prides itself on serving great food in a relaxed environment. Grid Design Office kept these values in mind for the project when working on the interior design for a comfortable atmosphere.

The concept behind Grid Design Office’s design was to complement the idea of sitting at a dinner table with close ones, family and dear friends. This sense of home and family stems from the owner of the restaurant, who cares about family bonds, food and the upbringing of children. To compliment these values, the designers wanted the interior of the restaurant to emanate warmth, love and cosiness, providing all guests with a joyful experience where they feel at home.

The layout and planning of the space promotes transparency and people coming together socially. The open plan kitchen and seating arrangements mean that diners are able to greet and talk to the chef and discuss their favourite dish. This open kitchen was a key design element for Grid Design Office to show hospitality and friendliness within the restaurant.

Natural materials and earthy tones and accentuate the comfortable and cosy atmosphere, embedded by Grid Design Office playing with lighting to give the room a soft ambience. The stone and marble used in the restaurant is a traditional local material, and greenery such as the olive tree at the entrance is supported with imported irrigation systems to keep them healthy. These natural details add soft sophistication and further the relaxed experience for the guests of The Social Kitchen.