project name: The River Barge

location: Bangkok, Thailand

date completed: October 2018

interior designer: Thats ITH Interior

hotel group/ developer: Chatrium

construction company: task interior

The concept for this fine dining renovation derives from 700 years royal barge procession ceremony, which is the rich culture of the Thai Kingdom.

The double-height slanted golden screen represents exquisite gilded barge pattern in a modern sense. The carpet is specifically designed to resemble the surface of water reflecting soft hues from the golden screen. The buffet area takes cue from ambience of floating markets and villages along the river, with a blend of textures, imperfections which creates a chaotic yet fully alive feel for the restaurant.

The colour palette of gold, royal blue, turquoise, taupe and timber have been used to create a sophisticated yet full of excitement sensation throughout the project. The new interpretation of the royal barge has become the main feature of the restaurant in a fine golden pattern giving a light and airy sense to the overall ambience.

The carpet design mimicking water surface in gradient colour from dark to light aqua blue and reflecting the golden screen onto it is a real highlight within the project with really helped bring the elements of the design together.

The new design has given a fresh, modern and understated luxury design yet still captured the lively long history Thai culture along the river perfectly.

The original idea was generated from the context of the overall project, therefore the final result is not just beauty on its own but also blends in to be part of the community and surrounding areas but also in low energy consumption and waste from construction with all local sourced materials and labour.

The gold screen was also a bespoke design for the project which was interpreted from the pattern of the royal barge in a light and modern way helping tie in the overall look. The carpet was also originally designed specifically for the project which help bring the project from a sketch to reality.