Project Name: Rikala Bar & Grill

Location: Salo, Finland

Date Completed: December 2019

Interior Designer: Jaana Ekman

Hotel Group: Sokos Hotels

Construction Company: Vaahteramaen Verstashuone Ltd

Rikala Bar & Grill Restaurant, designed by Visionary Design Partners Helsinki, is the restaurant of The Original Sokos Hotel Rikala. Located in Salo, the restaurant was completely renewed in late 2019, along with the hotel lobby, reception and suites all renovated by the designers to ensure a cohesive design throughout all areas of the hotel.

This restaurant has authenticity at it’s core, with the kitchen of Rikala Bar & Grill offering authentic flavours in a relaxed yet elegant setting. Light and nature become part of the experience and enjoyment, where the design concept stays true to raw, natural materials. Though the environment is charming, the attention is on the food – made from finest, local Finnish ingredients. Visionary Design Partners wanted to highlight this in their revamp whilst also keeping to the hotel’s design concept, making a warm atmosphere with elements of luxury.

For the restaurant to embrace it’s surrounding nature Visionary Design Partners chose to have a floor to ceiling window wall, allowing an abundance of natural light to fill the room as well as offering a spectacular river view for the restaurant guests. The hotel is located on the river bank of Salonjoki, off from the busy streets with a beautiful lush park nearby. The key aspect of Visionary Design Partners’ concept of a cosy, warm yet luxurious feeling throughout the hotel is reflected by the calming nature views made obtainable in the Rikala Bar & Grill Restaurant.