Project Name: Reality and Dream _ Boda

Location: Taichung city, Taiwan

Date Completed: March 2018

Interior Designer: Jacksam Yang, Steven Kuo

Boda is a unique hotel since it is in such a small and crowded area in Taiwan. It does not only stress the aesthetics of the space, but the design is to “invigorate travellers’ senses” and allows them to feel the impact of the space by infusing various designing elements and thoughts in an opportune timing.

In the lobby, screens are used to divide spaces for different functions, allowing every person who walks through “a preparation for the next trip”. The screens add vertical line in the horizontal space, enriching the visual experience.

In each of the rooms, mirrors were used to present the design concept – “Reality and Dream”. Through the mirrors set on different angles on the walls and ceilings, every sight is said to be “unexpected and surprising”.

The hotel is in a lively area of Taichung city in Taiwan, with travellers and various hotels nearby. For the exterior, a street wall is made to create a vertical texture. Furthermore, a monochrome colour extends vertically to the ceilings of the ground floor lobby then spreads to the outdoor horizontally. The external environment is projected back to the interior space, this is so the “tranquil ambience” is cleverly blending in with the bustling streets outdoor.

The work breaks the mould of hotel design as it explores the possibilities simply from a traveller’s perspective. Travellers can expect a “special interior experience” and feel from the space. Therefore, to enhance the richness and breadth of the space, stories, artwork, floral design, and various elements were used. From the exterior to the interior, fusing the trait of the city with curious components will leave a wondrous and profound impression on traveller’s mind.