Project Name: Private Residence In The Mountains

Location: Czech Republic

Completed Date: December 2019

Interior Designer: Mr. A. Barbora Škorpilová

The task that was given to Mimolimit was to create a private apartment in the middle of a beautiful mountain landscape, which retains the atmosphere of a mountain cottage, but also offers the comfort of modern living.

Mimolimit’s focus for Private Residence In The Mountains was to devise a solution which would provide a generous living area with kitchen, fireplace and workroom. A key aspect to this project is that it is a joining of two small apartments – the result that this then provided was a complete space of the attic apartment and a terrace area. The roof structure was reinforced with steel elements and allowed to create open space over two floors.

For the residence to correspond with it’s locale, Mimolimit designed the interiors to reflect the mountains and surrounds. The mountain atmosphere is created mainly by using materials such as cracked planks, coarse metals with patina, and also handmade large formats of ceramics with relief surface. The grey bricks and lava glazed stone were also chosen to resemble the raw materials of the landscape.

A very specific experiment was the use of linen cloth not only as shading elements, but also as translucent fillings of the cabinet doors, through which the artificial light passes from the inside out and contributes to the diffused warm illumination of the room. In the living area, the natural light and scenic views that are gifted from the glass wall adds to the generosity of the space.

Almost all the interior elements were made atypically which adds a unique quality to the residence. Many features such as the staircase, doors, windows, and kitchen were custom made. Mimolimit experimented with design to both maximise the space and embed the mountain environment, and so distinctive elements like the planked cabinets or linen surface, and the footbridge with a fireplace gives Private Residence In The Mountains it’s individual characteristics.