Project Name: Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi Suites

Location: Kuopio, Finland

Date Completed: May 2019

Interior Designer: Jaana Ekman

Hotel Group: Sokos Hotels

Construction Company: Ecuteam Ltd & Rakennustyo Salminen Ltd

The Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi is perfectly located in the heart of Kuopio in Finland, making the hotel a clear choice for convenience, yet it is also off from the busy streets with a beautiful lush park nearby.

The interior décor of the hotel’s public areas were executed by Visionary Design Partners Helsinki earlier in 2019, creating the interior design concept for the lobby, lobby bar and reception space. For the suites, Visionary Design Partners chose to complement and continue this existing concept for a cohesive design across the hotel.

Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi is the largest hotel in Eastern Finland and yet its atmosphere is warm, homelike and jovial. Close to the heart of Savonia’s historic marketplace events and near the most beautiful green nature by the bluish Kallavesi Lake, this hotel offers an enriched experienced in both it’s location and design. The beauty of Kuopio shines as a diamond in nature, within it’s marketplace as well as in the Savonian people, and it is this uninhibited beauty that is reflected in Visionary Design Partners’ concept for the hotel’s interior.

Original Sokos Hotel Puijonarvi suites were completed renewed in the spring of 2019. The designers favourite aspect of the project is the cosy, warm feeling whilst still keeping a touch of luxury. The Suite design works so well as it complements the overall hotel, and the public areas that had been designed by Visionary Design Partners earlier.