project name: NYE by Sansiri

location: Bangkok, Thailand

date completed: January 2018

interior designer: That is ITH Interior

hotel group/ developer: Sansiri

construction company: Captain Project

The concept was derived from the golden sparkling ripples on the surface of the Chaopraya river at sunset which is nearby the project. The reflection of the river creates the perfect shine that was the inspiration for much of the projects materials and elements.

The designer tried to stay away from opulent golden living with classical elements which has been seen many times. Instead they would rather make it more fun like rhythm of hip hop black & gold blink. The overall design is daring, crisp and sleek in black with a touch of tinted gold elements to inject the interest.

The lobby of tower-A was created with an idea of the bar with hip hop background music and memorable unique rhino armchair while the tower-B lobby has more of a relaxing feel like an after-party-lounge in a brighter tone.

The main features of the project that stand out are the daring prominent black interiors with golden elements, the black reflective marble floor which was introduced to create an illusion of space solving problem of low ceilings. The gradient light tunnel was created to shift focus of the low ramp structure above where the library was.

It is quite rare to have the residential facilities in daring and bold design like this in Bangkok, so it speaks for the unique personalities of the residents and creates a distinctive statement.

Nowadays the world design trend is going towards being unique, individuality, niche and going away from being mass and boring. This design was just amplified one facet of the various emotions of human which everyone can relate to. Some of the features and accessories were custom made to achieve the idea of NYC hip hop blink concept.