Project Name: Nord Villa Sales Center
Location: Beijing, China
Date Completed: July 2019
Architect: Tianhua Group
Interior Designer: Ricky Wong Designers
Hotel Group / Developer:

Nord Villa is a cultural landmark in Beijing. Ricky Wong Design follows the historical traces of this ancient city, combines contemporary aesthetics, and blends the in-depth life needs. Through the cultural lens, Ricky Wong Design brings modern art and nature together, building a secluded wonderland with the companion of books and comfort.

A solemn and calm atmosphere is achieved by the high-rise shelves, grey marble floor and dark wood furniture. The white walls are partially decorated by Chinese mountain-water paintings. There are bookshelves in the discussion area, which obscures its selling purposes. The Sales center is featured by dimensional spaciousness created by a variety of metal lines. The design is inspired by the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty, in which, the use of rounded chandelier and rectangular bookshelves form a visual effect of softness and flintiness, demonstrating the zen and delicacy of the oriental culture.

Ricky Wong Design uses the traditional Chinese “three-entrance courtyard” layout to construct a commercial space with elements full of oriental charm, realizing the dual value of traditional aesthetics and modern business. Ricky Wong Design introduced the outdoor water scenery into the interior and create a landscape with pine trees and water in the reading area.