Project Name: King’s Resort Rozvadov

Location: Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Date Completed: October 2018

Architect: Ing. Arch. Ivo Nahalka,

Interior Designer: Ing. Arch. Ivo Nahalka

Hotel Group/Developer: King’s Resort/Vestar Group

Construction Company: Metrostav

King’s Resort Rozvadov is a new King’s 5-star hotel, offering a wide selection of luxurious rooms and suites. ARCHINA Design’s contemporary and unique design is found in the hotel rooms and suites which feature exceptional interior décor of art and golden embroidery. The inspiration for the design of this resort is an overlapping of nature and luxury.

Offering a variety of guest experiences, the selection of rooms vary from superior rooms to the King’s Leon Suite with a private whirlpool. The Main Event Space includes 1,500sqm of the resort, and has been inspired by the beauty of Art, along with the exceptional jewellery creations of Fabergé. Named for its inspiration, The Fabergé Room is a multi-use entertainment space for various types of events such as concerts, presentations and weddings. The exterior of the resort is as playful as the interiors, with the main facades using the size and shape of different windows as well as colour for dynamic styling.

ARCHINA Design’s creation for King’s Resort works so well due to the harmonious and warm atmosphere that flows through both the public areas and the guest rooms, which stems from the luxurious elements and the care that the designers had approached the project with. Each aspect has been greatly considered, such as the shape and position of the guest rooms allowing all guests to enjoy the views to nature and the open garden at the atrium. The contemporary design of this hotel also took inspiration from the motives of fauna and flora; the interiors of the hotel have been designed by ARCHINA Design with a specific style that reflects the location of the close-by forests. It was also ensured that all materials and technology that were used for this project met the highest level of environmental projection.

With King’s Resort being such a novel and inspired project, ARCHINA Design wanted to show an alternative approach to hospitality design, and showcase the unique hotels that can be found around the world.