Project Name: Junfa Wuxi Lihu Huadu

Date Completed: September 2019

Location: China

Interior Designer: Harmony World Consultant & Design

With this project Harmony World Consultant & Design integrated the spirit of indulgent brand ingenuity and innovation, combining the worlds of luxury interiors and artistic concepts to create a truly unique and inspirational aesthetic.

Natural geometric shapes are incorporated into the architectural space and luxury custom made furniture is interspersed throughout to evoke a lush and opulent interior. Harmony World Consultant & Design wanted the spaces to flow seamlessly whilst having a romantic atmosphere for guests to feel comfortable. The designers were able to blend the essence and style of modern Chinese culture with a reinterpretation of luxury fashion and tradition.

The comfortable large sofa area creates a romantic temperament that the designers required, building an intimate area for people to escape the busy environments of the surrounding city. The soft imported fabric adds more comfort to the whole space and creates a relaxed atmosphere on top of an elegant luxury bringing guests back down to earth.

Throughout the bar area, the walls are adorned with all kinds of contemporary art. Guests can enjoy casual drinks within this tasteful and stylist aesthetic whilst being inspired by the talented artists and their work.