Project Name: The Inbal Hotel

Location: Jerusalem

Date Completed: 2018

Architect: Michael Schwartz

Interior Designer: Michael Azoulay

Hotel Group/Developer: Amira Group

Construction Company: Ram Yacobovitz LTD

As one of Jerusalem’s finest, most luxurious hotels, The Inbal Hotel by Studio Michael Azoulay is ideally positioned as the ultimate gateway to explore Jerusalem’s authentic atmosphere – a pure reflection of the city in which it resides. Combining a sophisticated elegance with warmth and comfort, The Inbal offers a range of rooms and suites to match every visit – from relaxed family vacations to business conferences.

The mountain air and the view of the old city from the windows were the main source of inspiration for Studio Michael Azoulay when considering the design concept. The overall look is an eclectic mix of traditional Jerusalem elements reflected in the use of natural materials such as stone, eucalyptus, hardwood flooring, brass and glass. This, combined with textiles and local art, brings life, colour and a sense of welcoming to The Inbal Hotel. Together with modern elements such straight lines and dark shades create a magical atmosphere in the public spaces that accompanies guests in both aisles and rooms.

A key aspect of the project was for Studio Michael Azoulay to preserve the many complex visual elements, motives and layers of the city of Jerusalem and at the same time create something new, unique and representative. The Inbal experience has an authentic connection to the wider environment, to Jerusalem. It is a trip that takes you on a memorable spiritual and historical journey through a wide variety of intriguing cultures, filled with new colours, scents, sounds, and experiences. Studio Michael Azoulay’s design works for a wide range of guests, all of them feeling at home and part of the extraordinary experience of the Holy City that is expressed in every detail of the space.

In the heart of Jerusalem’s vibrant core, between turbulent and calm, between old and new, and past and future, stands The Inbal Hotel and offers an experience that’s filled with magic, allowing one to reach out and touch history with a minimalist, upscale, innovative and precise design.