Project Name: Hunan Artz

Location: Ciudad de México

Date Completed: 2018

Interior Designer: Cuaik Arquitectos

Hunan Artz is a Chinese haute cuisine restaurant that contains all the classical elements of its predecessors in Mexico City (Hunan Reforma and San Angel), but lands in a contemporary context in the south of Mexico City. With the recent opening of its branch in the city, Cuaik Arquitectos have completely redefined its interior design concept.

Hunan Artz is one of the most important Chinese restaurants in Mexico City. Each material and colour were chosen carefully to transmit the restaurants essence and sensations in the atmospheres that compose it. Every piece of art was contemplated into the space from the beginning of the design process to give it the importance it deserved. Likewise, every piece of furniture and lighting were carefully designed to respond to the space’s language and to make the most of the guest’s experience. Cuaik Arquitectos worked with two Latin American artists: Rivelino and Aldo Chaparro, whom created an impressive integration of their contemporary art pieces into the space.

The main colour and material palette are composed by oak and walnut, national and Italian marbles, high-quality rugs, fabrics such as velvet, suede and linen, custom made lighting fixtures always with warm colour temperatures, enlightened by brass and gold design details. With the restaurant being one of the pioneers of Chinese cuisine in Mexico City and now located in one of the most modern shopping malls in the country, this meant that one of the main challenges was to transmit its essence and attract new customers. This has been achieved by using design elements such as colours, materials and lighting design that were part of its original concept but having a completely contemporary architectural twist.

Despite being located in a huge space, the way the areas are located and the selection of every element of design, ensures guests feel amongst a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Hunan Artz is now considered one of the best spots in the area, attracting new costumers and being one of the favourites of families and people all ages.