Project Name: Gekko House

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Date Completed: February 2020

Architect: Morgen Interiors

Interior Designer: Morgen Interiors

Hotel Group/Developer: Gekko Group

Situated in Frankfurt’s up-and-coming Gallus district, Gekko House is a refined, urban, 128-room hotel by leading German hospitality group, Gekko Group. Boasting modern design and sustainable products throughout, Gekko House was designed by Morgen Interiors, presenting warm colour palettes, raw materials and custom furnishings.

Gekko Group wanted Gekko House to be a contemporary city hotel with a focus on authentic materials and elements that tell stories. There was great importance attached to the fact that all suppliers are well-known manufacturers who adhere to the usual standards in Europe. All specially manufactured furniture comes from the Frankfurt region and was produced under ecological aspects. Gekko Group placed great emphasis on the top quality of the design and the processing in order to offer the guests a long-term and sustainable experience.

Both the design of the hotel interiors and of the architecture matches perfectly to the urban jungle of the railway district. It is a very authentic area and by suiting it’s surroundings Gekko Group intended for the hotel to be like a safety home for the guests.

A prominence was placed on choice of materials by the developers. The ceilings and back walls of the beds are raw concrete, to emulate a very honest character throughout the property. The floors are made of real oak herringbone parquet. These two design features harmonise with the green painted walls, which is a rather atypical colour in hotels though furthers the themes of raw and ecological design with a nod to nature.

With such focus on materials and details, Gekko Group worked together with the best craftsmen from the region. The locksmith, the cabinet maker, the tilers, the painters, parquet installer and so many more were significant in the development of Gekko House.  Without such people, Gekko House would not have achieved the refined and modern outcome that it has.