Project Name: Foliday Town

Location: Zheijiang, China

Date Completed: October 2019

Interior Designer: Harmony World Consultant & Design

The project is located in the new science and education district of Taicang, Suzhou, adjacent to the high-speed rail. With the concept of modernising high-speed rail stations, humanities, commerce and high-speed rail transportation are integrated. A large-scale new shopping cluster will form around the area in the future.

The project extracts modelling elements from the building’s facade and applies the Gothic architectural language to the interior through transformation, simplification, deconstruction, and adaptation. The layout is axisymmetric, and the interior ceiling and doorway make the building feel grander. Modern design elements are used throughout and inherit the shapes of classical European architecture. The interior space produces a dialogue between historical and contemporary, the collision of classical and modern design.

After Harmony World Consultant & Design refined the regional cultural elements and enriched them, the designers discovered the importance of combining two contrasting styles to achieve a luxurious public space. Instead of focusing on a particular style, the designers have successfully extracted various elements from classic and contemporary and fused them into an interior space where contrasting styles actually complement each other. This was much easier for the experienced designers to achieve when you consider the scope and volume of the space that they were working with, they were able to use the rhythm and flow of the interior layout to maximise the luxurious feel.