Project Name: Falla

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Date Completed: February 2019

Interior Designer: Paul Bishop

Falla has been described as an ‘instagrammable’ paradise to satisfy a tech-savvy culture. Having worked with Qanawat 10 years ago, it was an absolute pleasure for Bishop Design when they approached the firm again to realise their latest vision. Inspirational in every way, bringing with them a wealth of passion and experience, the designers were thrilled to be entrusted in this latest creation of casual F&B destination Falla.

Food was never fundamental to the brand considering their larger focus on media and animation in the past, but the pair showed a relentless passion for food, and as such desired a great space for people to enjoy their product. Dedicating a huge amount of time and investment towards the menu, design and brand direction, this latest venture was incredibly close to the Clients hearts and an immensely bold evolution for them. Falla venues had existed across the region for years, but they didn’t speak the language of what the client desired, or accurately capture their personalities nor the unique food offering.

Humorous, approachable and witty, the Client was also the developer of an Emirati classic cartoon series named Shaabiat Al Cartoon, which perfectly represents everything the Client stands for – amusement, innovation and unexpected experiences. What they had created previously in the form of media had been utterly revolutionary among locals and expats alike, so it was integral that these ideologies continued to evolve in this new venture.

Alongside the Client, Bishop Design have realised something that the Emirati culture love, in the creation of an Instagram paradise and interesting food offering. Social media plays a huge role in the Emirati community, which the designers have intelligently catered for through an incredibly graphic oriented approach, with a strong visual connectivity exuding through the space. The space also appeals to expats as it stands out from its surroundings and offers a memorable experience.

Desired to be fresh, dynamic, urban and approachable, the new stand-alone Jumeirah outlet of Falla was appreciated to attract a huge local Emirati following, so had to reflect this culture in the offering of something rather distinctive and engaging.