Project Name: Eurostars Legends

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Date Completed: November 2019

Architect: Ing. Arch. Ivo Nahalka, Ing. Arch. Jan Suchy

Interior Designer: Maria Eugenia Medici, Ing. Arch. Ivo Nahalka, Ing. Arch. Jan Suchy

Hotel Group/Developer: EUROSTARS HOTUSA

Construction Company: Manghi Group s.r.o

A true homage to the brilliant historic past of Prague, this boutique-style hotel is located in a historical building dating back to 1864, which comes alive on the interior with the use of marble and other noble elements along with the abundance of sparkling and golden touches. ARCHINA Design took insight from the history of the surrounding city and elevated the Eurostars Legends hotel with modern, inspired interiors.

A key element in ARCHINA Design’s renovation of the 19th century building was creating new contemporary interiors which harmonise with the historical style. As Eurostars Legends is in a UNESCO historical area of the Prague city centre, the designer’s revived many of the exhausted yet significant details of the property such as the steel railings and replicas of the historical windows.

ARCHINA Design’s project in the Eurostars Legend Hotel, in close cooperation with the owner’s team, consisted of a complete reconstruction of the historical building which has a capacity of 50 guestrooms, yard and roof extension. Original interior items and traditional materials can be found in the public areas embracing the property’s past, though this is cohesively placed with clean finishes, luxury materials and touches of white and gold for a modern elegance; all new technologies and materials throughout the hotel are also meeting the highest level of the environmental projection.

Eurostars Legends is a modern and sophisticated hotel which expertly blends the essence of modern Prague with the romantic and palatial charm exuded by this beautiful city. The final look embodies the synergy between historical and contemporary design style.