Project name: Burj Khalifa Apartment-107 floor

Location: Dubai

Date completed: January 2020

Architect: Cem Kapancioglu (CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C)

Interior Design: Cem Kapancioglu (CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C)

Hotel Group / Developer: EMAAR

Construction Company: Bahr Al Ibdaa Decor L.L.C

This project by CK Architecture is in a prime location of Dubai, being on the 107th Floor of the Burj Khalifa building. Balancing luxury and comfort to match the ambience of the Burj Khalifa, CK Architecture used a combination of textures, colours and fabrics to ensure that the property holds depth and elegance, yet remains a comfortable space.

For a calming tone across the living spaces, the designers chose clean, neutral colours. A light palette with black accents creates an affluent area for residents to relax. When considering lighting, CK Architecture felt that it was important to address the purpose of the space, and so used pin hole antiglare spotlights to create a hotel-like feel. The existing round column in the living area has been transformed into a focal point through the use of caviar-like material, crafted by artisans from the Netherlands, which in turn leads your eye to the wide perspective view that the apartment offers and creates a bridge between the property and its location.

Texture can bring a unique dimension to each room, and here the designers selected different materials for each furnishing. Backlit Quartz and marble can be found in the bathroom delivering an elegant tone, amplified with a champagne colour. The backlight helps to enhance the beautiful veins of the quartz and the use of mirrors duplicates this.

Minimalist and white colours used in the kitchen create an atmosphere that transitions easily between the kitchen and dining areas. CK Architecture chose to break down the kitchen in order to give the space an open feel, though the lighting implementation emphasises the area as a different functional space. The reflective material on the cabinet and wall panels in the dining room provides depth and a sense of spaciousness echoing the views from the floor to ceiling windows, though CK Architecture’s choice of dark material offers a luxurious contrast to the interior detailing.