Project Name: Zela London, ME London Hotel

Location: London, UK

Date Completed: September 2018

Interior Designer: Diego Gronda

Hotel Group/Developer: ME London Hotel/Mabel Capital, Cristiano Ronaldo, Enrique Iglesias, Rafael Nadal

Mabel Capital, the owners of TATEL Madrid, ZELA Ibiza builds on its international renown with a new venue at which Ricardo Sanz, a holder of four Michelin stars, showcases Meppon cuisine: a fusion of Japanese techniques and flavours with Mediterranean ingredients. With the intention of building a global awareness of the brand, it was Studio Gronda’s responsibility to reflect this within the restaurant’s interiors.

ZELA is the name of a butterfly native to Indochina, a species whose aesthetics represent the spirit of the region. From this starting point, Studio Gronda has drawn inspiration from Indochinese sources, combining cultures through elements in which nature predominates (plant species, flora and the animal world), along with different shades of green. ZELA is a new global brand created in 2017, based on an Ibizan essence, ZELA London is its first location outside of Spain.

Lush vegetation is the common motif permeating the dining room. A space sprawling with subtropical gardens which cover the arched windows and embellish the area. The verdant effect is combined with a hand-painted mural in the colonial style, dominated by a wild landscape. Meanwhile, the soft light provided by the black lacquered wood blinds, enhances the mysterious and sensual atmosphere.

The great challenge with ZELA London was to reinterpret a natural Ibizan atmosphere in central London. The arches, bursting with tropical nature, create a magical threshold that immerses diners into the Ibiza spirit. ZELA London has the ability to adapt to different experiences, without losing their essence. In this restaurant, Studio Gronda transports the rhythm and vitality of TATEL Miami – also designed by the studio – to the centre of London.