Project name: The Mansion

Company name: Harmony World Consultant & Design

Location: Shanghai,China

Date completed: 2018

Interior designer: Harmony World Consultant & Design

The design team really took into consideration of how to link together the past and future of the city and adapt many decoration lines to create the industrial atmosphere. Also, it is critical to keep all the design details very simple and minimum while maximizing the practical function.

The designer concentrates on using the natural pattern of stone and wood, and bring in natural light. The light and shadow creates a artistic environment and increase the extensity. As for the choice of furniture and artworks, the designer chose modern simplicity style and match with the whole space.

The interior design of this project implant the minimalism and use a lot of metal material. Since the show flat located in the industrial area of Shanghai, the design blend in with the wider environment and links the history and future of the city. The core concept is inspired by industrial style and use a contemporary design method to create simplicity atmosphere.