Project Name: Tatel Miami

Location: Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Date Completed: March 2017

Interior Designer: Jairo Ruiz

Architect: Diego Gronda, Maria Dolores Prieto and Luisa Valderrama

Hotel Group: DiLido Hotel / Mabel Capital, Rafael Nadal, Enrique Iglesias, Pau Gasol

Mabel Capital, the owners of TATEL Madrid, ZELA Ibiza and ZELA London, founded TATEL Miami with the intention of building a global awareness of traditional Spanish cuisine and culture, it was Studio Gronda’s responsibility to reflect this within the restaurant’s interiors. TATEL is much more than a restaurant, it is an exquisite experience that brings together the best of Spanish cuisine, the country’s culture and the world of entertainment.

An historical porte cochere at the former DiLido Hotel welcomes guests to the new TATEL with an intimate low-ceiling lounge which connects the bar with the dining room. Between this connection, guests will see a ‘virtual window’ into a flamenco dance studio – a ‘window’ into Spanish culture. An 80-foot-long digital skylight crowns the ceiling, with a design studio commissioning a video-artist to capture a couple underwater swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.

The double-height main dining room accommodates 200 diners, with guest seating in raised booths or semi-private dining rooms, each of which have their own window into the kitchen. A key factor in the design of this restaurant is the link between gastronomy and art. Art is an intrinsic part of the TATEL culture. In this restaurant, the walls show contemporary interpretations of great masters of Spanish painting. This attitude provides an informal atmosphere and will bring us closer to the cultural roots of the brand.