Project name: Tasca by Jose Avillez at Mandarin Oriental Jumeira Dubai

Location: Tasca by Jose Avillez, Mandarin Oriental Jumeira Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeira 1, PO Box 62092, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Date completed: 18 February 2019

Architect: Design & ARchitecture bureau (“DAR”)

Interior Designer: Silverfox Studios Pte Ltd

Hotel Group: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Construction company: Interior International Industries LLC

Chef Jose Avillez from Portugal has two Michelin stars with Belcanto restaurant in Lisbon, he now has (with the inclusion of Dubai) 18 restaurants to his credit.

Tasca, the name, is uniquely Portuguese and it relates to small family run eateries where drinks and small plates are served from a bar area or kitchen. Food originally being less important than the primary drinks offer. This form of eatery has evolved into full blown Tapas restaurants where food and drinks play an equal role. Chef Jose has been dominating this scene in Lisbon since 2012.

Silver fox’s brief was to maintain the unique qualities associated to the origins of the Tasca culture embracing the casual friendly nature of these family bars/eateries, while adding this outlet as a chic, sophisticated and edgy component to the hotel’s F&B mix.

Tasca is at the center of the property on the top floor, level 6. The space has a double aspect, looking towards the Dubai skyline which includes the Burj Khalifa Tower on the front façade, and also views over the landscaped pool courtyard and sea at the back side of the hotel.

The brief stated that the restaurant focuses on the Chef, the preparation of the food and the preparation of the cocktails, this places the Chef and the Mixologist’s center stage and in the forefront of the guest. There is total exposure to all cooking and equipment. The design of the kitchen and the kitchen cabinetry, the bottle displays, and the ingredients are all to be taken into account.

The active island Kitchen showcases Tapas cooking and Mixology; this setting has been created from black stainless steel and up illuminated bottle displays, the kitchen is an object both beautiful and functional and is the whole purpose for the guest to go to the outlet. To meet and to be entertained

by the Chef and his crew. To enjoy world class food and drinks. Drinks counters at the bar are upfront adjacent to the entrance. Silverfox studios have also positioned a DJ booth at the entrance, therefore guests can chat and drink at the DJ booth or flip between the drink’s ledge at the booth to the bar/mixologists behind. Seating around the island activates the kitchen, the chef/guest interface is the most important aspect of the experience.