Project name: The Skyline Inspiration Life Museum

Company name: HWCD

Location: Guangzhou, China

Date completed: December 2017

This project is located at the foot of Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou, surrounded by mountains, rivers and beautiful scenery. The project not only inherited the history and outstanding traditional genes of Guangzhou, but also opened a new era of more advanced aesthetic trends. This design was inspired by the nature beauty of Baiyun Mountain. The arc of life is created through the natural texture and curvilinear shape of each stone. The arc of flow and the radiance of mountain are full of light and transparency. telling the vitality of life and the rhythm of music, and create artistic space of harmony and freedom.

Through using curves and moving lines, it mimics the natural shape of Baiyun Mountain which also including the rivers and springs in it. Without too much decorative detail, the space is enriched by carefully selected natural textures. The overall colour tone and choice of materials of this project is coherent with the core spirit of the design concept which is balancing the nature and contemporary inner space. In order to pursue the higher natural ecology, an artificial hand chiseling method is used on the carefully selected stone surface to create a sense of texture on the surface.

The partitioning design of the chat area let the space enclosing and opening, privacy and sharing is given. The rare trees from all over the world are set against the water curtains to open up the new experience of the space. The high-quality texture of the washed-out forged surface is accompanied by an arc-shaped waterfall to rebuild the scene of the rain forest. The soul of freedom is saying: “To be different.” Longfor and HWCD together created a free space, the esoteric meaning of the beauty of arcism lies in: We are independent and will meet again.