Project Name: Rosselli – AX Privilege

Location: Malta

Date Completed: May 2019

Interior Designer: Forward Architects

Developer: AX Hotel

Construction Company: AX Construction

The Rosselli – AX Privilege is located within a 17th-century baroque palazzo in Malta’s capital. The design is a fusion of themes that surprise, provoke and stir emotion.

With its beautiful baroque design canvas, high ceilings and symmetry, the palazzo created the perfect stage for a memorable visitor experience. Forward Architects wanted to move away from the stiffness associated with local hotels towards a more evocative sophisticated affair.

The design of the hotel adopts a mix-and-match approach of finishes, objects and fittings that are at times unrelated but always complementary in the emotions that they provoke, from the contemplative to the celebratory. The aim of Forward Architects design was to withstand the test of time and to create stage sets that ignore the trend and are instead suspended in time.

The suites comprise six collections – each one provoking different emotions and a unique visitor encounter. The Maruzzo Suites are inspired by youth. Rich in texture, colour and architectural motifs. The Massa Suites are suggestive of Valletta’s secret gardens. The rooms have feminine undertones and are adorned with dark floral walls. The Charitas Suites are set in the calm atmosphere of the Palazzo’s courtyard and flanked by the hotel’s arched colonnade. Each suite has its own private spa facilities that include an indoor terrace, a sauna and rain shower. Materiality is tangible with a calming and tactile combination of Carrara marble, traditional stucco and warm walnut. The experience is soothing and one of introspection.

The Mezza Croce Suites deliver a twist on traditional flooring and plastering techniques, making them a haven for the artistic pundits. East-facing and embraced by the morning sun, the textures of these monochromatic suites add a hint of romanticism to the contemporary feel.  The 3 Herons Suites, located on the piano nobile, reflect Valletta’s architectural grandeur. The double height, their own private lounge area and their sleeping quarters at the mezzanine level make these rooms whimsical and unusual. With their kaleidoscopic flooring made from marble, bevelled mirrors and intricate light fittings, these suites are a contemporary take on palatial design.

The 1634 Executive suite brings together a dedicated private working lounge with interconnected sleeping quarters. The rooms may be specifically tailored for the guests’ needs and give way for those travelling both for business and leisure. The interior is inspired by Classicism with palatial solid wood flooring and a modern-day interpretation of the traditional.