Project Name: Oriental World View

Company name: Harmony World Consultant & Design

Location: Wuhan,China

Date completed: 2018

Interior designer: Harmony World Consultant & Design

Architect: Waterfrom design

The design concept of this project shows a life attitude of recovering the original simplicity. Using the minimalist mid-century interior style combined with traditional Chinese material and structure. The selection of furniture refers to the Chinese elements yet simplifies the lines and shows the spirit of the craftsman. The biggest challenge for this project was how to use modern design techniques to reveal the artistic conception of ancient China. As the Oriental World View is located in Wuhan, China, next to the cradle of Chinese culture — Yangtze River.

The advantageous location creates a platform for the modern day to trace back to Chinese ancestors. Thus, the inspiration of the project design was to link together the past and present. Since the traditional Chinese architects and interior designers included many heavy and complicated details and the modern-day style emphasis more on the ‘less is more’ concept, it was a huge challenge for the design team to achieve the ‘past and present look’. In addition, the choice of furniture and the placement of artwork needed to match the atmosphere.

The initial design concept aims to express a unique combination of traditional Chinese design and mid-century design. It was also difficult to keep a high space coherence while making clear of the design concept and the original intention. The half-open sofa chatting area divides the space and also provides a private chatting area. The bar and rest area is decorated with plenty modern artworks and sculptures, and the design use floor to ceiling glass window to bring in natural light, which also balance the spatial atmosphere with the light and shadow. The initial focus was to link together the past and present, which in conclusion was achieved.